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Your child cannot hold pencil correctly?

Do you need help? 

Look No further. Get the Writing Tool below and see the Magic!

Occupational Therapist Approved!!

Testimonials from our Valued customers

Use it if your child needs help with grasp and fine motor skills. My son is 8 and has struggled ever since he started holding crayons. We have used this magical tool and experienced world of difference! For the first time at parent teacher conference, his teacher said nothing about his grasp. What a relief that was.. I cant tell you.

Sabrina, UK.

Megan has been using this tool for 3 months now. I already see the change in her grasp on pencil. She uses it on and off now because her grasp has improved so much. It is so good when parents have tools like these to help them our their parenting journey. Megan enjoys coloring and writing more now.

Dawn, Arizona

Jay is a typical kid but has always struggled with fine motor skills. His OT suggested we buy this. Since it comes as a pack of three, I kept one at home, sent one to OT and third one to his teacher. It has been exceptionally helpful. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

Doris, Iowa